Chou, R. (2018). The Intergenerational Group Piano Classroom: An analysis of social and learning interactions between adult learners (Doctoral dissertation). View Abstract. View Dissertation.

Chou, R. (2017). [Review of the piano book Play It Again: Piano (Book 1), by Melanie Spanswick]. American Music Teacher, 67(5), 52-53. View Review.

Chou, R., Straub, J., and Smayda, K.E. (2017). Behind the scenes: Pedagogical insights from an adult group piano course in a speech perception study. Paper presented at the 13th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference: Keys to a Changing World, Adelaide, SA. View Paper.



Intergenerational Music Education: Striking the Right Note for Social Empathy. Speaker at 2019 TEDxSaltLakeCity on September 21 at Kingsbury Hall. Tickets available!

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Re-envisioning Outreach: Creating innovative student centered community engagement experiences. Presentation with Dr. Katherine Chandler.


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Research in Piano Pedagogy
Introduction to research methods and pedagogy research articles. Advanced Piano Pedagogy (graduate level course), University of Utah School of Music, October 2, 2018.

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Learning from Adult Learners
A Skype session on adult learners including discussion about notable adult educators and teaching materials. Piano pedagogy course, Valdosta State University, November 13, 2017.


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A Life Without Music. Keynote speaker, March 31, 2019.



Bridging the Gap: Designing Keyboard Skills Curricula for Future Music Majors. Presentation with Dr. Margaret Young.


A.G.E.N.D.A.: Keys To Effective Chapter Meetings & Increased Engagement Among Collegiate Members. Split session presentation, January 5, Harrisonburg, VA.

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Engaging Group Piano: Ideas to enrich and supplement group lessons. Presented with Dr. Joshua Straub. Pedagogy Saturday: Recreational Music Making Track, March 17, Orlando, FL.

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A Review of Intergenerational Music Program Research & Descriptive Articles from 1980 to 2016. Research Poster Session, July 27-28, Lombard, IL.

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Behind the Scenes: How group piano pedagogy contributes to older adults’ speech-in-noise processing ability. Scholarly paper presented in collaboration with Dr. Joshua Straub and Kirsten E. Smayda. July 12, Adelaide, Australia.

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Opening minds: The pedagogical and cultural benefits of using folk music in teaching. Session presented with MTNA UT Austin Chapter. January 14, Jacksonville, FL.

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Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to RMM Teaching. Session on apps Chromatik and Chord Tracker. Pedagogy Saturday: Recreational Music Making, April 2, San Antonio, TX.

More than “Do-re-mi”: How awareness of solfege styles supports an inclusive classroom. Session presented with MTNA UT Austin Chapter. April 4, San Antonio, TX.

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More than “Do-re-mi”: How awareness of solfege styles supports an inclusive classroom. Session presented with MTNA UT Austin Chapter. April 4, San Antonio, TX.

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Presented my community series Saturday Morning Composers during the session Reaching Out to the Underprivileged and Underserved in the Community. Pre-Conference Seminar: Young Professionals Track, July 29, Lombard, IL.