My goal is to teach learners how to self-evaluate and self-direct their learning process that will enable them to practice and make music on their own. The most influential teachers of my music studies helped me gain the confidence to be an individual through music. I strive to do that for my students! I have been developing my teaching style in private and group learning environments since 2005. My teaching studio incorporates group classes, ensemble music, studio recitals, evaluation programs, competitions, and community outreach performances to provide various music making experiences for learners.



The studio is located in Sandy, Utah where students play on a Yamaha C3 grand piano. Lessons are 1 hour in length in order to have sufficient time to work on musicianship, technique, and theory. For beginners, 45 minute lessons are an option.


Involvement in your child’s practice at home is incredibly important to their progress and success. Particularly with younger students, parents will need to help the child review lesson assignments and encouragement from you to play more is crucial. We will have open discussions about how to help your child at home to make music learning a positive process for student, parent, and teacher!  


  • Check the assignment pages in your notebook and practice those assignments!

  • Come to lessons well-prepared and ready to learn more!

  • Put in your best effort!

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